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Students of TMTA teachers have access to a variety of great programs and events to enhance their music education.  These programs provide additional motivation for learning.  By having additional performance opportunities, students of TMTA teachers get more opportunities to work on performance and memory skills as well as get valuable feedback from others in the music profession.  Here are some of the programs available to students of TMTA teachers.

Student Programs Include

Piano Ensemble

This is a unique concert involving 12 grand pianos on the Centennial Hall stage. Students of TMTA teachers from all over the city participate by preparing a duet, duo, trio or quartet with their teacher and then coming together to rehearse with a conductor. Over the course of 4 weekend rehearsals, students hone their performance of their song in preparation to play for a large audience of family and friends at Centennial Hall.

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KUDOS stands for Kids Up-Dating Outstanding Skills. This is a recital opportunity open to students of TMTA teachers that is designed to give extra performance opportunities to students throughout the year. While each teacher may have a studio recital once or twice a year, these recitals provide additional times for students to perform the repertoire they have currently prepared.

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Senior Recital

Finishing your high school years can mean a huge change in your music making education. Why not celebrate this time of change with a recital opportunity to highlight what you have accomplished along with others making the same transition? Graduating high school students studying with TMTA teachers are invited to perform in a formal recital followed by a festive reception during the spring of their senior year.

Festival in the Mall

Festival in the Mall is an opportunity to share music with the Tucson community at large. Students of all levels play a variety of genres of music at a mall where the community can become acquainted with the Tucson Music Teachers Association. This offers a relaxed venue where students can perform. This is a fundraiser for TMTA scholarships.

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Performance Festival

Performance Festival Masterclass offers students the opportunity to perform on a concert stage with the added educational benefit of live feedback from an adjudicator.

Barnes & Noble Fundraiser

Each year TMTA students and teachers play in a relaxed atmosphere at Barnes & Noble in the Foothills Mall.  This is open to the public where shoppers can stop and listen.  A portion of sales during the event is given to TMTA for scholarships.

Student Honor Society

Student Honor Society recognizes student contributions to the private studio and to the community at large.  Students who perform for multiple recitals, community events, school music events and in ensemble groups can be submitted by their teachers for special recognition.  Students receive certificates and a membership card that allows them to receive discounts at some local music stores.

Arizona Study Program

Arizona Study Program is a twelve level performance and music theory program for piano and vocal students. The program is through the Arizona State Music Teachers Association. The student completes a workbook of theory concepts and prepares up to four pieces to be evaluated on. In May a theory test and playing test is given which includes technical skills and performance of their pieces for an adjudicator.  Students earn ribbons and plaques as well as receive comments from the adjudicator. More information is on the ASMTA website at

Scholarships & Competitions

Yet another benefit of finding a music teacher through TMTA is the opportunity to earn scholarship money. TMTA students can apply for the TMTA Merit Scholarship Competition, as well as a Pima Community College scholarship.

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