Piano Ensemble

TMTA Piano Ensemble is a unique concert involving 12 grand pianos on Centennial Hall stage. Students of TMTA teachers from all over the city participate by preparing a duet, duo, trio or quartet with their teacher and then coming together to rehearse with a conductor. Over the course of 4 weekend rehearsals, students hone their performance of their piece in preparation to play for a large audience of family and friends at Centennial Hall.

Talk with a TMTA teacher today about joining in this fun and amazing music making event. We’d love to have you.

69th Annual Piano Ensemble Concert

Important 2022 Dates

  • 69th Ensemble Concert: March 12, 2022, 7:00 p.m.
  • Rehearsals: February 12/13, February 19/20, March 5/6, March 12 stage rehearsal
  • Registration Fee: $75 per student.

Rehearsal Location

St. Mark's Presbyterian Church, 3809 E 3rd St.

Concert and Dress Rehearsal Location

Centennial Hall

COVID-19 Response

TMTA is committed to maintaining student programs as much as possible in this trying time.  We will continue our wonderful concert with necessary safety protocols in place.  Teachers will be informed on rehearsal and performance safety procedures as time progresses, staying within the guidelines as required by the state and the venues being used.  Please check with your TMTA teacher for more information.

2/11/2022:  Rehearsal venue requires masks be worn indoors.

Listen to the 2022 selections

Level A

Ode To Joy & Turkish March
Beethoven/arr. Alexander

quarter = 126/160

Level B

Hall of the Mountain King/Polovetzian Dance

quarter = 128

Level BC

Lennon & McCartney/arr. Goldston

quarter = 96

Special C

Level C

Star Wars: an Epic Medley
Williams/arr. Keveren et al

Tempi as marked in score

Sonatina in F Major, Op. 45 #3

Dotted Quarter Note=66; Quarter=112


The Washington Post
Sousa/arr. Bober

Dotted Quarter = 112

Level D

Level E

Rain of Tears (Duo)
Vivaldi/arr. Anderson

Eighth Note=117


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