Piano Ensemble

TMTA Piano Ensemble is a unique concert involving 12 grand pianos on Centennial Hall stage. Students of TMTA teachers from all over the city participate by preparing a duet, duo, trio or quartet with their teacher and then coming together to rehearse with a conductor. Over the course of 4 weekend rehearsals, students hone their performance of their song in preparation to play for a large audience of family and friends at Centennial Hall.

Talk with a TMTA teacher today about joining in this fun and amazing music making event. We’d love to have you.

Important 2019 Dates

  • 66th Ensemble Concert: March 9, 2019, 7:00p.m. at U of A Centennial Hall
  • Rehearsals: Feb. 9/10, Feb. 16/17, Mar. 2/3, March 9
  • Registration Fee: $65 per student. Deadline for first registration is September 29, 2018.

Listen to the 2019 selections

Level B

Level B/C

Level E

Prelude in C# Minor (duo)

  • Largo-eighth = 70
  • Allegro-quarter = 126
  • Prestissimo-quarter = 152

Concerto for 4 Keyboards (4 solo parts)

quarter = 92


The Sound of Music (theme)

quarter = 100

Looking for a music teacher?

We can help.  Use our Find a Teacher tool to get information on teachers in your area who can provide what you are looking for.  For more personal help, call our referral line at (520) 749-3074.