Miss Amy L Barker

I am an experienced piano teacher who loves teaching piano! I work at finding just the right music for each student so they will be motivated to play. I teach a wide range of music, to include classical, sacred, popular, and jazz. I enjoy teaching homeschool students, public and private school students, and people of all ages.

My teaching approach is to help each student think about and interpret the music as an artist. Music is intended to evoke an emotional response, and I encourage students to develop their own interpretive musicality.

Helping my students play passionately and powerfully and beautifully requires good technique, intentional practice sessions, and a maturing freedom and expressiveness as an artist. I enjoy learning about each student so I can teach them in a manner best suited to them.

Music is a great gift, reflecting the full realm of human emotion and experience. Children who learn to play piano increase their thinking capacity and coordination abilities, learn to beautifully express the full range of human emotions, and develop a poise and maturity beyond their years. I've seen this time and again, especially in children who continue piano lessons throughout their school years.

I am also a performing pianist. I have my own keyboard and equipment, and enjoy playing at restaurants and events, to include weddings, funerals, and celebrations. I play a broad range of music from the American Songbook (jazz standards), Broadway, Disney and movie themes. I am an experienced church pianist and organist as well.

My tuition rates are reasonable.  I live near Oracle and Magee.

Music is magical and transforming, affecting us in ways beyond what we can define or measure. I look forward to sharing the gift of music with you or your children.

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