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“He performs music from his very heart, demanding your attention as he takes you on a journey of the soul.” Dr. Svetlana Arakelova.

My Teaching Philosophy

Talent and "perfect" playing only get the musician so far. Without heart and intentional expression of emotion, music falls flat. To engage the audience and oneself, heart must be integrated into the music. Either love of music or love of what is shared through music. I don't believe in teaching music, but teaching how to speak an unspoken language.

That is why the expression through music, is the primary focus of my teaching. To play not only well, but true to the individual. When a musician expresses from the heart, they earn the stage. The heart longs to share itself and music has been my outlet. By studying with me it can be yours too. To share unabashedly, safely, deeply. That, is why I teach.


Native Tucson artist, Brandon Mejia works to provide and create a new pedagogical approach to teaching the piano that involves the root of any performance to stem from not only the personal experience of the performer, but include the experience and past of the active listener.

Brandon Mejia is pursuing a Bachelors of Music in piano performance at the Fred Fox School of Music at the University of Arizona where he is working closely with Dr. Lisa Zdechlik, D.M.A, the Professor of Pedagogy and Group Piano at the University of Arizona. Under her instruction, Brandon assists in teaching to understand, analyze and critique the current pedagogical approaches used in the Class Piano courses at the Fred Fox to develop his own pedagogical method.

Having lost key family members at a young age, Brandon Mejia has taken profoundly to the mantra, ‘Music expresses that which cannot be said.’ Having incorporated his loss and freedom of expression in music Brandon received awards from state and local competitions in Arizona.

Brandon is set to graduate from the University of Arizona in Spring 2022 with a Bachelor of Music degree with a focus on piano performance. He then plans to continue on to acquire Masters of Music degrees in piano pedagogy and piano performance.

"Free and expressive playing!" Brice Kimball

"A natural teacher, effortlessly transitioning concepts to practice," Dr. Lisa Zdechlik

"Expressive with a maturity that can only come from experience,” TMTA juror.

“When I close my eyes I can get lost in the musicality I believe I am listening to a professional adult.” Arizona State Competition juror.

"His playing controlled my very breadth, each phrase and shape drawing me further in," Kathryn O'Sullivan

Musical Reportoire


J.S. Bach Chromatische Fantasie und Fuge_d minor

J.S. Bach Partita No.2 in c minor: Sinfonia, Allemande, Courante, Sarabande


Haydn Piano Sonata in C minor, Hob. XVI:20

Beethoven Piano Sonata No.8 in c minor, Op.13 "Pathetique"

Beethoven Piano Sonata No.27 in E minor, Op.90


Rachmaninoff Preludes: Op.3: No.2 in C-Sharp minor, Op.23: No.5 in G minor,  Op.23: No.10 in G-Flat Major, Op.32: No.10 in b minor,  Op.32: No.11 in B Major

Chopin: Nocturnes in C-Sharp minor, Op. Posth., Deux Nocturnes Op.48 - N.1 in c minor, Waltz, Op.64, No.2 in C-Sharp minor.

Debussy Preludes: Bruyeres, La Cathedrale Engloutie

Enrique Granados: Escanas Romanticas , Danza Espanolas Op.37: No.5 in E minor "Andaluza"


Camille Saint-Saens Piano Concerto No.2 in G Minor, Op.22


Class Piano Assistant Instructor: Spring 2020-Present

I create instructional videos and teach live at the Fred Fox School of Music on solo repertoire, introductions to new scales, improvisation workshops, harmonization techniques, sight-reading tests as well as compose the materials to be used for the harmonization and sight-reading examples.

Private Piano Instructor: Spring 2020-Present

I teach online and in person piano lessons focusing anthologies by Alfred's, Bastian, Faber, etc. My teaching includes music history, theory, repertoire. Students range from beginners of all levels and ages from as young as 5 to matured adult.

UA MTNA Collegiate Chapter - Public Relations Officer: Fall 2020-Present

I serve as the public relations officer facilitating new recruitment, program coordination and maintain good standing with other collegiate chapters within the Arizona state to craft larger events beyond the universities but even more so, beyond the scope of piano.

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